We are a truly independent practice. This means that we are not restricted by having a pre-determined spectacle lens supplier and are therefore able to select the optimum frame and lens combinations based on an individual’s needs. We also deal directly with the relevant lens suppliers and not with a third party lab. This ensures that you receive a genuine, high quality product with all of the associated manufacturers support.

Broadway Opticians Eyeweare

There is a lot more to dispensing spectacles than just selecting a frame and fitting lenses into it. Even a simple prescription can be poorly dispensed, causing anything from eyestrain and visual problems to thick, unsightly lenses and uncomfortably-fitting spectacles.

At Broadway Opticians, professionalism and expertise are key. We are in the enviable position of having 2 fully-qualified, registered dispensing opticians in the practice on a full-time basis. With over 40 years’ experience between them, Mark and Tracey are on hand to guide you through the sometimes difficult process of selecting the right eyewear for you. Our aim is to give you ample time to discuss all aspects of your spectacle dispense in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Other key points to consider:

  • We welcome prescriptions and vouchers issued by the local Hospital Eye Service (HES).
  • We have a large array of children’s frames to suit different budgets.
  • We provide a professional fitting service for each and every pair of spectacles we supply.
  • We often have different promotions running at any given time, giving you special prices on different frames and lenses.
  • As part of our professional service to you we offer a free spectacle service. We recommend that this is performed every 3-6 months and ensures that you are getting the best optical performance and physical comfort from your eyewear.

We have frames to suit all budgets – from entry-level reading glasses to designer frames with freeform progressive lenses. Irrespective of price, all of our products are high quality and offer good value for money.

All of our frames carry a manufacturer’s warranty of between 1-2 years. See here front page of this site for a guide to our current product portfolio.

CLIPTOSH Mannequin Head
Sunglasses, Sports & Safety Eyewear

As well as ophthalmic frames, we have a comprehensive range of designer sunglasses. These are available in plano (non-prescription) and prescription format.

We also have a comprehensive range of sports eyewear, prescription swimming goggles and occupational safety spectacles depending on your specific needs (e.g. impact and/or chemical resistant). Common sports that require protective eyewear include:

  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Cycling
  • Racket sports
  • Hockey
  • Shooting

Many of these have removable adaptors that can be reglazed when your prescription changes.