Contact Lenses

At Broadway Opticians we specialise in contact lenses, providing a full-time consultation service for the latest designs and materials (both hard and soft). We have access to all leading UK manufacturers such as Acuvue, Coopervision and Bausch & Lomb. We can tailor eye care packages can be tailored to suit your individual needs and it is possible to spread the cost of your contact lens wear using our direct debit Careplan facility.

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Some exciting new developments in contact lens technology include the use of ultra-breathable, ultra-biocompatible silicon hydrogel-based lens materials that can provide superior comfort throughout the day compared to traditional water-based hydrogel soft contact lenses. Many of these materials are now available in a daily disposable format making contact lens wear even better.

Acuvue Contact lenses

Flexibility & Availability

As an independent practice we are not tied in with any particular contact lens brand. This means that we are free to select the optimum type and material of contact lens to suit your visual needs. We want to make your contact lens wear as easy and hassle free as possible.

Contact lenses are now available in a wider power range than ever before. We are now able to correct high levels of astigmatism using disposable (in some cases daily disposable) lens formats. It is also possible to correct multifocal prescriptions for those who require additional help with near vision (i.e. most people over the age of 45).

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Fitting Contact Lenses

Myopia control

Recent research has shown that one way of slowing down myopic progression (the development of short-sightedness) in youth is to use specific types of multifocal contact lenses designed to make the eye ‘wake up’ to the fact that it is short-sighted. This has been shown to be a safe way of reducing myopia in adulthood and therefore minimise the associated pathological risks of eye conditions such as retinal detachment, glaucoma and macular disease.

Myopia control is a complex and important subject, especially when you consider that half the population of the planet are projected to be short-sighted by 2050! It is most relevant to children from the age of 8 onwards when myopia often starts to develop. Ask Paul, our resident optometrist, for more information.

Learning how to use contact lenses

If you have never worn contact lenses before than rest assured we will guide you through learning how to insert and remove your lenses. As a first visit we allow plenty of time to carry out the extra tests required to check your compatibility for contact lenses. Below are some useful videos that will give you a basic ‘head start’ before you try them for the first time.